Commodore 64 SID tester

Quickly finding out if all three voices on the SID chip actually work is surprisingly difficult. I’ve spent a long time searching the net for a sensible solution with little luck.  I’ve found some, but none I’m completely happy with. The one’s I’ve  tried seen to blank the screen and not show what’s going on or don’t test all the wave forms or filters.

Anyway, I thought I’d write my own. It’s written in BASIC, so you can easily modify it, if you want. Download it here as a zipped .d64 image.

I’ve recorded a video using WinVice, so you can see how your C64 should sound. The default waveform is pulse and the video runs through all the tests using option 1.

While the menu is displayed it’s possible to change the waveform for options 3,4 & 5 by pressing T,S,P or N (Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse or Noise).


Download sid tester

Watch SID tester video

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  1. Juan Velez says:

    Hello, I like this utility a lot, could it be possible to make a crt version so I can put it on an Easy Flash cart and test faster all my 64 computers?

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