Commodore 64 Game disks 38 to 42

I have a large collection of Commodore 64 software which has been in my loft since the 80’s. I assumed all the disks would be corrupt due to their age and temperature changes. Nevertheless I decided to buy a disk drive from eBay and try to back them up. To my surprise most the them still work.

I’ve decided to put their contents online to help preserve the Commodore 64.

Each disk has an menu program. Just type LOAD”MENU”,8 & RUN

Games disk 38 (Download here)
Gribblys Day Out
Super Pipeline 2
Crystal Castles
Blue Max 2001
Space Trap

Games disk 39 (Download here)
J.B Squash
Ciphoid 9
Roland Rat
Hunchback II

Games disk 40 (Download here)
Jack & Bean
Grogs Revenge
Castle Nightmare

Games disk 41 (Download here)
Ms Pacman
The Dambusters
Moon Cresta

Games disk 42 (Download here)
Ollies Follies
Bounty Bob
Handicap Golf

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